Enumeration of 4-folds Origami

First Folding img
Copyright(C) 2012 Naoya Tsuruta
Enumeration of the origami shapes with 4-times folding operations.
The lists were generated in below conditions.
For the details, please refer to our paper in Origami^5.
1-fold (pdf)
2-fold (pdf), 2-fold without Making-crease operation (pdf)
3-fold (pdf), 3-fold without Making-crease operation (pdf)
4-fold without Making-crease operation (pdf, 12MB, 152pages)

  1. Naoya Tsuruta, Jun Mitani, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Yukio Fukui, "A CAD System for Diagramming Origami with Prediction of Folding Processes", in Origami^5, pp.335-345, 2011.PDF